Friday, May 28, 2010

I have a GRADUATE...

an adult...really? We have had a crazy few weeks around here--this blog has certainly been taking a backseat to LIFE! So many changes lie ahead for Derek--in a few months he'll be packing his car and ours to head to Dordt College to study pre-med biology and continue his running career with track and cross country. We are so proud of his accomplishments and his character. He has been and continues to be a joy to parent. I've had so much fun with him these past few days as he has been my only "big kid" home. We've played some serious bean bag toss, sat in the sun, been amused at Gracie's continuous antics, and just enjoyed some sweet mom/son time together. I haven't shed a tear yet over graduation...and I don't think I will. Isn't this what our goal in parenting is? To give our children wings! I'm sure the day we drop him off at Dordt will be a bit different, for I will miss him something terrible. He's just a great guy! Today, I just rejoice in the past 18 grateful for this tremendous blessing in my life!!

What a blessing to work at the post-graduation party on Sunday night!! It was a blast watching Derek and his friends dancing and laughing and just being! He and his friends are so like-minded, they have lived out their high school years with such dignity and morality--as I miss my own son, I will miss these kids who are like my own as well! This summer MUST be filled with friendships, good times, sunshine, and future memories.

I really need to get on my other computer--the one with pictures!! For some reason, that computer is slow on the internet, but great with photos--this computer is quick, but doesn't hold my tens of thousands of pictures.

Have a great day!

Friday, May 7, 2010

a brief update...

Thank you for the emails...I do think some of them are going to Connor first--for some reason when I started this blog, his email is the one that is on the "dashboard". My email is I'm so completely clueless with computers--not sure how to change it.

Anyways, Gracie is doing pretty well. Her foot/leg pain is daily at this point...sometimes excruciating, sometimes pretty manageable. We are just giving her motrin or tylenol to alleviate the pain. Her bone scan likely was normal because I have heard nothing back, nor have I called to begin more testing. The pediatrician we have at Mayo is hesitant to give Gracie more meds anyways because of her heart, so if we can get by with this for a bit, we will do so.

We are noticing some shortness of breath, decreased activity level, more sleep. When she runs across our yard, she is done for. She can play and play for hours, but any running or walking just wears her out. She can go upstairs and need to be carried back down...not normal for a 3 year-old, that's for sure. There has also been a couple of mornings that we have a hard time warming up her little body.

We are having fun watching her learn, listening to her sweet voice. She's a happy little girl, full of spunk and sass! She gives big, wet, long kisses, cuddles lots, and loves to role-play. She's always playing with her babies, who happen to look a lot like Buzz and Woody from Toy Story, she loves being read to, watching movies, and just hangin' with her mommy.

We also aren't really all that concerned about potty training or pacifiers! All those things that we rushed our other children out of are really no concern at this point for Gracie. She sometimes wears her big girl panties (her favorites are boys briefs because that's the only toy story ones we could find) but most of the time asks for a diaper. Big deal? Nope. Our house has never been messier or dustier...big deal? Nope. She doesn't know her ABCs and cannot count to 10...big deal? Nope. We just desire for her to enjoy life, to know she is treasured beyond measure. We love to experience the vast amount of joy she experiences--it's so hard to describe the feeling we have with her of holding onto each moment, not knowing if some of these days won't be around for long. I feel like I'm actually sucking her in, trying to freeze different moments. She told me last week..." Me get big, me pway watch? Ok? You watch? OK? " Will she get big? I don't know. Will she play soccer? not likely. Crushed dreams at 31/2--tough one to take...I sobbed. Then we went outside and played soccer...not crushed dreams--but possibilities. We have not given up hope for a future with Gracie...not in the least, yet we also have been hit with a brick of reality these past couple of months. It seems like we are on the fence right now--hoping and praying for life, yet living and breathing only for today. Maybe that's the way we should be living anyways...who knows?