Monday, August 31, 2009

the potty princess

Little Miss Gracie, with a wiggling fist signing to us that she needs to go potty, followed by the sign for chocolate--something is working here! It seems pretty normal, doesn't it? A 2 1/2 year-old who is nearing three at a break-necking pace, ready to potty on the throne rather than in a diaper--normal? It is, unless a little girl has had multiple kidney failures, completely shutting down several times. I would venture to say it's amazing...amazing Gracie! I must clarify a bit...Gracie is nowhere near going out in public without a diaper or pull-up, but she has remained dry at home for a week...A WEEK, including naps. We do find little surprises in her panties :), but not wet ones!


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

School already??

I cannot believe we are back in the swing of things around here--waaahhhh!!! I miss sleeping in, I miss making waffles at 10:00 am and having to plug the waffle iron back in at noon for those who were really sleeping in! I miss all of the neighbor kids and the's pretty quiet with just Gracie and me. And did I tell you...she needs a lot of attention?!? BREUKLYN!!! My summer sitter spoiled this little tyke, that's for sure. She wants to play, wants chocolate, wants to play, pottie (because there's chocolate at the end), play, unload the cupboards, play, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!! She's a girl after my heart--she even likes the dark, dark chocolate like her mama!! I do tell her no once in awhile :) And yes, I said pottie...Gracie's doing a fabulous job on her little pink throne!! We had a completely dry day yesterday and, even her nap was dry--wooohoooo!!! She looks so stinkin' cute in those Hello Kitty panties that fall down to her knees when she runs.

Back to school--I think I'm in denial! Derek is a senior...a senior...I can hardly say the word. I cannot get over this one, nor can I picture our home without him. He's fantastic!! He's absolutely loving cross country and I think will be a fun kid to watch this year. His classes are good, his social calendar is full---ahhh, the life of a (can I say it?) senior!

And Connor--a freshman--yeah, two in high school this year! Where does the time go? Connor, too, is loving cross country, especially now that it doesn't hurt so much. He's improving a TON! It's amazing how well he's doing with his knees feeling so much better. I can hardly wait for next week to watch these boys RUN! And Connor is driving...loving it so much that his alarm is going off at 5:45 to make it to driver's ed in the morning.

Breuklyn entered the Middle School this year--I am old. I keep thinking that if adoption had not entered our family, our kids are really pretty grown up this year. Grown up kids means grown-up parents! She's doing great--no sports right now. She's waiting for 7th grade so she can run...I'm not so sure where our kids inherited their love of running---pretty sure it's Curtis. She has two horse shows left this summer. Breuklyn's horse, Kota, has had a lame leg all summer--she's had to ride Curtis's horse instead. It's been fun, but she cannot wait to climb back up on Kota--only 2 more weeks.

Selah loves her teacher in 2nd grade, but is really struggling in many ways. We've had a pretty rough last month of summer with Selah. For her privacy, I don't want to embarrass her or share anything that would in any way humiliate her, but things have been tough. Not only on her, but on our whole family. We had thought things were going so well with Selah's adjustment, and are really discovering that she has hidden lots from us. Much truth is coming out, which is good, yet tough. I always felt as if I had prepared well for adopting an older child...I am well-read, have been in contact with many families, almost assuming we'd hit some tough patches. Yet when rubber meets the road, I'm completely at a loss, as is Curtis. We'd appreciate any prayers, any advice. Selah has had a very, very dark past with lots of heartache and rejection. I look back at the post from just a couple of months ago and see that we were looking at her with rose-colored glasses, not seeing the real Selah at all, but a girl who she has been creating, trying to be. We are now seeing more clearly...this is good. We need this truth in order to move forward---I know many who read this blog pray for our family. That is why I share this with you. Scripture tells us to pray for one another, to let others know when we need prayer. We know God has great plans for each of us, for Selah, and He will not leave us--He's our helper and our healer. I wish I could share more, but cannot.

And Gracie...we go to Mayo next week for a cardiac appointment on Tuesday. Then on Thursday, we will head north once again to see the oral surgeon. Gracie has had an excellent summer, not so much as a cold or runny nose, unless you count the spaghetti and stickers she shoved up her nose, causing much sneezing and snot! She's just so much fun! A few weeks ago, Breuklyn made the comment that our family would be so boring without Gracie--what would we do? Who would we laugh at? She is just funny.
Many blessings,