Thursday, May 28, 2009

Off to the Big Apple!

My big hunk-of-a-man surprised me with a weekend in New York for my fun is that! Not only did he bless me, but our friends are keeping all five of our that's a gift! I am super excited to have three days of just grown-up stuff. We are going to 2 shows, eating lots of great food, and just being together as a couple. We both noticed these past few weeks at graduation parties that we have learned, once again, to chow fast. Life with a 2 year-old changes everything! I can't wait for a marathon 3 hour dinner with conversation, and not having to cut anyone's food into small bites. We can sleep until we wake up, not "throw in a load", walk slowly, even shop at a store other than Gymboree...sounds dreamy, doesn't it?

I need to get a packin'!

Have a fantastic weekend--we will!



Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

I am blessed!! Not only have I been blessed over and over and over and over and over again with five beautiful children to raise, I have the most amazing husband in the world. Mother's Day ROCKS...seriously. Not only did I get spoiled today, but also turned the big 4-0 this week and have been spoiled doubly. Truth be told...Curtis is actually the same on Mother's Day as the other 364 days of the year--he is so helpful around here, he is the greatest father to our kids, he showers me with kindness and good things each and every day...not just the second Sunday in May, but those other days that are just ordinary. He makes my life extraordinary!!

While I started this post a week ago, I'm finally getting back to it right now! I'm not sure how all of you bloggers can update so well and so often...seriously, I'm impressed. I check my email and my favorite blogs...add in a little that time someone needs something or I need sleep!!

Curtis is popping some popcorn, we are closing our door, and having a little movie night at home!
See ya!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Not what we hoped for...

yet knowing where our hope lies! Gracie's cath lab experience today...still not sure what to call it! It wasn't bad...she's doing well, recovered beautifully and we are HOME already. Yet, not good, because they couldn't really DO anything while in her arteries. The pulmonary arteries going to her left lung (which is the good lung--much larger than the right) are still really small and small all the way through, preventing the doctor from placing any sort of stent or balloon to stretch them out. When the cardiologist gave me the info, I didn't take it as devastating, however, just as it is Gracie's heart, which doesn't have a regular solution. God designed it pretty fancily, I must say!

Our regular cardiologist called right before we checked out and told us the artery has grown a bit since her last cath lab, which is encouraging. The question remains as to whether or not she can have the Fontan. It appears as if there aren't a lot of other options, yet it may not be a perfect fit for her heart. We must continue to trust God as the creator of her body, knowing His plan is good. We continue to be along for the ride!

Since no stents or balloons were used, Gracie was discharged just in time for us to speed on into Derek's track meet and watch him cross the finish line with his new personal best--yippee! It's so great to be home...we are all headed down to play Rock Band before this old lady hops in bed!

Exhausted, yet grateful,

in the cath lab

Giggly little Gracie is now in the hands of the A TEAM, as they called themselves this morning! She will be just fine. They gave her some medicine this morning that completely gave her the giggles...she was belly laughing at everything, including this cute little drawing of a farmer that she kept calling "daddy". I took a pic with my phone, but can't get it on really resembles Curtis, with the missing teeth, the big yellow cowboy hat, the round belly with overalls, but especially the sideways boots--can you just picture it??

The procedure may take most of the morning, even into the afternoon depending on what they need to do. They may place stents, they may not, they may insert a balloon, may not. We shall see! As much as these little hospital stays are dreaded, once we get in here, we have so many friends, so many people who really have invested much time and energy, even prayer, into our daughter's life. We are so blessed to be in this facility, with the team who cares for her who has her very best interest at heart.

It takes a little surgery to get me some time alone, so I'm going to go and grab myself a cup of joe and a book and take advantage of these next few hours!

I'll update when Gracie is back in the room...have a wonderful day!

Monday, May 4, 2009

fabulous weekend

We had an incredible time with my mom and her new husband this past weekend. They really did grandparent duty and witnessed a fabulous track meet, an energetic soccer double header, and some pretty exciting baseball in fantastic weather. All of our kids are involved in different sports right now, which is pretty sweet. Ron even braved the horses and went riding with Breuklyn on Saturday afternoon right before the Kentucky Derby was aired.

Gracie had the best couple of days of her past month--she had quite the appetite, mostly for junk food, but hey, it's calories and she needs those! She also had a lot of energy and is completely smitten with Ron and Grandma...actually she wouldn't leave Ron alone! She was snuggling with him and even allowed me to bring the girls to Sunday School without her...if you know Gracie personally, she doesn't stay with anyone very well--it's quite a compliment, Ron!

Today we venture north for a day filled with appointments, getting ready to send Gracie back to the cath lab to place some stents in her pulmonary artery tomorrow. I'm actually pretty excited to see pink lips again...hopefully this will do the trick. I believe we will need to be in Rochester tomorrow morning at 6am. It usually takes quite some time to do this procedure because it's tough to get access to her vascular system. I will have my laptop with me and will update this blog as I hear anything.

Thank you for your prayers for our sweet little girl!