Friday, November 27, 2009

What a week we've had!

It's been so much fun!! On Friday afternoon, we received a phone call from Hope Kids asking us if we'd be interested in going to the Vikings game--I didn't need to ask Curtis or the kids, just gave a big YES, so early Sunday morning, we headed to Minneapolis to watch Brett Favre have his best game ever--every touchdown, but one, was smack dab in front of our faces--an incredible much fun! The first play of the game, Breuklyn and I high-fived one another and Selah asked if the Comets won :) (the comets are our high school team). I'm not so sure she was as into it as we were!!

The kids were out on Wednesday for Thanksgiving, so we decided to go to the Timberwolves game and spend the day shopping. Well, thanks to Hope Kids once again, they offered us box seats to a Minnesota Wild hockey match...seriously fun! Our first hockey match and it was seriously the most fun professional sports event I have ever attended. We spent the day Wednesday at the Mall of America--on Sunday at the football game, they handed out little coupons to each of us for a free ride--one out of 30 received a wristband--well, wouldn't you know it--we all received wristbands! Connor thought it would be a good idea to buy a lottery ticket yesterday :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pooh, and Tigger, and Eeyore--oh my!

On Thursday night, we had visitors!! Gracie has been approved for a wish through the wonderfully generous organization Make-A-Wish. They came in full costume to visit with Gracie about what her wish is.

We will let you know when it's granted! The photos are so stinkin' cute--I had to share.

Oh...and at the end of the night, Selah, just as smart as can be, stated--"I think there are persons in there!" What do you think?

Sweet, sweet day!

Gracie and I spent the day with her birthmom. Just thinking about our day brings tears to my eyes--what an incredible woman who loves this little girl enough to give her the best life possible. Gracie's birthmom and I have spent many, many hours together. When Gracie was born, she spent her first 3+ months in St. Louis, which meant so did I! During those months, Gracie's birthmom and I spent every day together, long days cherishing this little being who was helplessly fighting for her life. We continue to keep in touch.

The past couple of years we have met in Iowa City, which is almost a halfway meeting point. Gracie had been so timid around people she didn't know....until the past 6 months or so. Today, she loved on the one who carried her for 9 months, giving her life when medicine told her life was unlikely. Today, Gracie gave this beautiful woman kisses and hugs, memories and laughter. Today, in Gracie, this beautiful woman witnessed the handiwork of God, healing and whole, pink lips and words...many words.

As an adoptive mom, I have one blessing that many don't--I was a birthmom myself who loved a child so much that I made the most difficult choice to place him in a family who could provide what I couldn't. My heart hurts for this woman, yet rejoices in the fact that she knows Gracie is just fine. She knows how loved this little girl is, she's watched the hand of God healing and holding onto Gracie's heart.

I feel so blessed to know this woman. I feel so blessed to call her friend.


Monday, November 9, 2009

just a grand 'ole day!

Gracie's heart looks great! Future doctor, Derek, and I headed to Rochester this morning for Gracie's echocardiogram and a meeting with her cardiologist and cardiothoracic surgeon. All is well...actually all is amazing! This was the first echo that had no issues--yep, that's right--no issues. Well, Gracie still has a heart that is like no other, she still uses just two chambers, has a variety of strange arteries, some missing, some extra...yet, it's beautiful AND it's working well! She will have her fontan procedure in March--we get the winter off--woohooo!!

As we were driving this morning, I shared my most favorite God moment ever with Derek. If you've been following Gracie's story for awhile, you know we almost lost her. She had a surgery in March of 07 where it was deemed unsuccessful--we made the most difficult decision to turn off ecmo and allow her heart to stop. Her body, according to medicine, could not survive. Well, anyways, on this day, March 14, Gracie had a "last resort" surgery. Her brave surgeon attempted once more to close this tricky valve. As the nurse called me to the "meeting room" where the bad news would be delivered, I panicked. I had a very dear friend with me, but I didn't have Curtis. He had taken umpteen days off of work due to the adoption, the months in St. Louis--and along with the adoption we had acquired much debt--he needed to work. Back to the story--I panicked. I called Curtis and told him he had to get to Rochester NOW. He was seeing a patient and just left--sorry if you are this patient, by the way! Rochester is over 70 miles away and the doctor was coming to meet me. Logistically, this makes no sense. None at all. By the time the doctor arrived, who wasn't running late, Curtis ran into the room. It was as if God stopped time for him to get there. Even if he was driving 100 miles an hour, he couldn't have beat the doctor walking from surgery to the "meeting room"--impossible. Today I shared this with our son. At the time, I was so overcome with grief and emotion...heart-sickening sadness, that I didn't even realize the miracle that brought my husband's strong arms to me when I needed them most. I do now. I have for a long time...He is faithful.

Today, we heard three different doctors tell us how great this same little miracle baby is doing and we have no shock. We know God's hand is on her, we know He knows how this journey is going to unfold. We know He is good, He cares for us, He adores Gracie.

Have a great night--we are celebrating today's news!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

State XC FUN!

Yesterday was awesome--one of those days that Derek will remember as a highlight of his high school time. Actually this whole year, so far, has been a great one! He placed 36th among the states finest runners--quite an accomplishment, that's for sure. As parents, we couldn't have been prouder...not only for Derek's hard work, but just proud of his character. He's a great kid--it's a pleasure to parent him!
The day was doubly sweet because we traveled to Fort Dodge with no toddler in tow! Our friend, Sara, stayed at our home with Gracie and Selah, so we could spend the day with our big kids. Oh, how we loved the break, and we love Sara! During the course of the day, Selah's temp began to rise...another case of the swine flu--oh, my!

OK--triple fun day! My mom trekked to Fort Dodge to watch Derek cross the finish line--it was a short visit, but sweet nonetheless!

Both Selah and Gracie are doing well--Gracie is completely back to normal and Selah feels just fine. We are going to give her another day at home, but she seems to be bouncing back pretty quickly. Now, to keep the the rest of us healthy....