Saturday, February 5, 2011

much better

Gracie is doing SO MUCH BETTER!! Thanks for praying for her! I did use some bribery to get her to eat yesterday--she was so afraid of putting anything in her mouth and just wouldn't open it! I told her we will go and pick out a toy if she just tried something. I walked into the kitchen with her on the floor with the turkey, cheese, and bread spread out so she could put together a sandwich...yeah, ON THE FLOOR! Anyways, she tried and finished it--she was so hungry! We then went out and purchased a fabulous new carseat for her babies and gorilla she has named Gracie. She then wanted to show her daddy that she could eat, so we met him for lunch and she ate, and ate, and ate.

By last night's basketball game, which was awesome by the way, she was showing everyone her new sparkly, princess smile--precious. Even people who really wouldn't care--they were included in the open mouth view right in their faces.

All this to say--Gracie is back, she's confident, happy, feeling good, and ready to take on the world!


Friday, February 4, 2011

Quite a week!!

First of all, thank you for praying for Gracie--she needs those prayers. This little girl has had so many surgeries, procedures, and tests and has really taken everything in stride. Until now. These teeth are making her so sad--she almost seems depressed. She keeps looking in the mirror and crying. She won't open her mouth or smile--she even told me that she just wants to be a little kid. I think she is starting to realize that she is different from other kids, asking why she has all of the scars and now silver or missing teeth--it breaks my heart.

We did get stranded in Iowa City--if you are from around here, you probably know how treacherous the roads were from Monday through Wednesday. My dear aunt Mari went to be with Jesus on Saturday and the funeral was on Thursday in South Dakota--everything inside of me wanted to be there...and I made it! Curtis stayed home with Gracie on Thursday and I made a super quick trip west.

Mari's life was too short in our eyes, but we know she is now with Jesus with no more cancer, no more suffering. It's just so hard to say "good-bye for now" to those we love. And my sweet my heart aches for them. She did leave them with so much--she raised them with character, gave them countless memories, and a foundation that completely has prepared them for this world...and more importantly, the next.

Today, Gracie and I are finally hanging at home--we are having a Veggie-Tales marathon and hopefully baking cookies. I hope that will give her the gumption to eat something.

I do struggle with her being sad, with her having pain. This is just something that I have not witnessed in my other children as 4 year-olds. She just has to go through so much some days--it doesn't seem fair at all. She is so stinkin' heart has been breaking for her this week. I know this had to be done for future heart procedures and surgeries--it's her only option. It just all seems so extreme--I realize they did EVERYTHING to protect her heart by crowning all her teeth--she has very little left to even present an infection or cavity...and she will get used to it--she will see herself as beautiful again--I know this. God created her perfectly...I tell her this at least 100 times each day...she also hears it from her daddy and brothers and sisters constantly. She will know too...soon.

This post is all over the place--I apologize--but this momma's emotions are all over the place too! Welcome to my world!

Have a terrific day--I'll post a picture when I can get a smile out of this little sweetie. You will see--Gracie is even more beautiful with shiny teeth!!


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

her pearly whites

Gracie is having quite the extensive dental surgery today. They are crowning and root canaling (probably not a word) all of her teeth right now. Her teeth carry a high risk of infection and needed to be taken care of before her heart can be operated on again. Since the Mayo Clinic does not have pediatric dentistry, we are at the University of Iowa Hospitals in Iowa City.

Gracie is quite the patient--she has everything figured out, tells the nurses exactly where she wants her blood pressure taken and which little finger should hold the pulse oxymeter. She did tell them they could do anything today, but give her pokes and if they do give her a poke, they are only allowed one! No tears, no crying, just complete sweetness--she is amazing!

Since they haven't worked with Gracie before, I did get to hear how involved her heart disease is. The anesthesiologist pulled up a chair and explained all of the risks--any time Gracie has anesthesia, it carries a significant risk. Today's surgery is expected to be quite long--the longer on anesthesia, the higher risk it carries. So...pray for Gracie, that her body can tolerate the meds, that she will have adequate oxygen throughout the procedure, and that her airways will not be blocked in any way. They will ventilate through the nose since they are working in her mouth--this will be new for her.

I am using a public computer, so I should let someone else on. I will update as I hear anything!

Thanks for praying for Gracie!!