Monday, August 31, 2009

the potty princess

Little Miss Gracie, with a wiggling fist signing to us that she needs to go potty, followed by the sign for chocolate--something is working here! It seems pretty normal, doesn't it? A 2 1/2 year-old who is nearing three at a break-necking pace, ready to potty on the throne rather than in a diaper--normal? It is, unless a little girl has had multiple kidney failures, completely shutting down several times. I would venture to say it's amazing...amazing Gracie! I must clarify a bit...Gracie is nowhere near going out in public without a diaper or pull-up, but she has remained dry at home for a week...A WEEK, including naps. We do find little surprises in her panties :), but not wet ones!


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Melissa said...

Yep! Amazing! This is so cute!!!! Lucy is on the same potty path. so excited that she can actually start going on the potty (we really held her back because of her looming surgeries) When does Gracie turn 3, by the way?

Many thoughts and prayers are with you all!