Sunday, November 1, 2009

State XC FUN!

Yesterday was awesome--one of those days that Derek will remember as a highlight of his high school time. Actually this whole year, so far, has been a great one! He placed 36th among the states finest runners--quite an accomplishment, that's for sure. As parents, we couldn't have been prouder...not only for Derek's hard work, but just proud of his character. He's a great kid--it's a pleasure to parent him!
The day was doubly sweet because we traveled to Fort Dodge with no toddler in tow! Our friend, Sara, stayed at our home with Gracie and Selah, so we could spend the day with our big kids. Oh, how we loved the break, and we love Sara! During the course of the day, Selah's temp began to rise...another case of the swine flu--oh, my!

OK--triple fun day! My mom trekked to Fort Dodge to watch Derek cross the finish line--it was a short visit, but sweet nonetheless!

Both Selah and Gracie are doing well--Gracie is completely back to normal and Selah feels just fine. We are going to give her another day at home, but she seems to be bouncing back pretty quickly. Now, to keep the the rest of us healthy....


Jean said...

Congrats to Derek!!

The swine flu is like that- one minute a fever and not feeling so good and the next minute no fever and they act fine. Sarah has a hard time telling me she doesn't feel well- I mean she just doesn't equate all the icky feelings to something she should tell her mom about- ya know? I insisted she finish her dinner because she complained how hungry she was a few minutes earlier- then I put her to bed felt her forehead and was suspicion that she was not feeling well. What a journey this is!!

Cindy said...

36th sounds great - out of how many?