Friday, January 15, 2010

Surgery scheduled...

At our last cardiology appointment in Rochester, Gracie's surgeon told us to call his office and set something up for March--that seemed a long ways off in November. I put off that call until last week, then put off thinking about it much until today. For some strange reason I have been dreaming about Gracie's surgery LOTS...sometimes old surgery memories are puzzled together with her future surgery. Each time this comes up, God prepares my heart in many different ways. Sometimes, I believe He allows me numbness or denial and sometimes He give me His word to prepare for what's coming.

Anyways, Gracie is scheduled for her Modified Fontan operation on March 25. She will have a full day on the 24th--lots of bloodwork, lots of tests--then early on the 25th we will hand her over to men and women who are now quite familiar with her heart and even her personality.

Until that day...we have lots of fun to fit in!! We are enjoying playing LOTS! Gracie loves to play with Breuklyn's old Fisher Price dollhouse--it consumes us. I'm a bit OCD with the dollhouse, I'll admit it. I like to have the proper furniture in the correct rooms--seriously, have you ever seen a dining room table in the bathroom? Gracie PLAYS...she's not about organizing AT ALL. She's mostly about each of the moms having her own babies, then naming them so uniquely. We always have a Nino (Derek), Ana (Connor), Booboo (Breuklyn), Lala (Selah), and a ME (Gracie). I do treasure her giggles as she tries to make Lala really naughty jumping on the bed, and Nino crashing the van into the wall. How fun!

The Opps are definitely pumped for Gracie's Make-A-Wish trip! We are constantly on the Disney website, checking out the cruise, dreaming about being warm for five days!! Even Gracie, when she sees the website starts cheering..."Pooh boat, Pooh boat!" Pooh won't be making an appearance--we are trying very hard to flip her interest to Mickey and Toy Story!! We have a month!

Until March 25, we also have many basketball games, a couple of swim meets, the first track meet of the year, spring break, Derek's birthday, some sledding, many morning of sharing coffee (Gracie's is hot chocolate), lots of bedtime stories, at least 50 games of Memory...lots to do!

I'm not on a computer with photos, so I will try to add some later. Have an awesome day!


Jean said...

We will be praying for sweet Gracie! God Bless her!!

Can hardly wait for Disney and your family! Are you doing the cruise or the world? I forgot?

Thank you for the contact info- I will e-mail soon!

I have a hard time with the furniture being in the wrong room, too! Toilets do not belong in the kitchen!

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

How exciting about the Disney Cruise. Ellie's nurse at school is on a cruise now. I'll share stories when she comes back. You will all have soooooooo much fun.

Many prayers will be going up for you and sweet Gracie!

Love from south Georgia,