Monday, September 6, 2010

Where did the summer go??

Oh my goodness, it's Labor Day! It's just so hard to believe summer is over--it's been a good one, that's for sure. Since I've been about the worst blogger in the world, I understand if there is noone left reading! As far as journaling my kids' lives, this is it, so I will continue on and give them at least a little glimpse into our lives as I see it.

We have been a busy crew, that's for sure! Summer started out with a graduation...Derek's. How fun to watch him receive his diploma and be rewarded with his amazing efforts. Derek has been such a joy to raise--as we have dreaded sending him on his way, we are completely excited to watch the next chapter of his life be revealed. We also take seriously God's promise that all of Derek's days were written before one of them came to be. God has a perfect plan for this young man's life--how blessed we are to have a front row seat!! Derek spent his mornings watching Gracie for me and his afternoons were spent working on his tan, I mean lifeguarding, at the city pool. He found a new passion--SOCCER--and was able to play on a team that ventured to the Iowa Games in July. What fun they had kicking that white ball around. And he ran...and ran...and ran. He also found lots of time to spend with his friends, one darling one in particular!!

Connor also had a terrific summer playing golf and baseball. He put the bat to the ball in some pretty intense heat! Our summer was warm and every time I heard the complaints about how hot a particular child was watching baseball, I just had to remind her of all of the clothes Connor had to wear...she became quiet. Then Connor joined the soccer team that Derek was on and also took advantage of an opportunity to run with the XC team in Colorado. He was going from one thing to the next--fitting in a job at the pool and also lots of time with his friends, again a pretty sweet one in particular! And he ran...but not much!

Breuklyn spent lots of time with her furry beasts--even adding another to her horse family. Curtis decided to bring home an old, FREE horse. Wouldn't you know it--he's my favorite. He barely moves! She worked so hard preparing for fair this year, entering her horses, horse tack she had made and wouldn't you know it--her CUPCAKES made it to State Fair! She also was on the swim team and RAN...and ran. She also found lots of time to hang out with friends, go to the pool, do what 7th graders do.

Selah had a pretty great summer. It seems like her episodes are fewer than what they once were--perhaps we are headed in the right direction. She just loves to go to the pool and play outside--there is no need to fill up her schedule right now with activities--she really just needs to be home as much as possible. She gets plenty of out time just going with us to all of the games and activities--her time will come to have a crazy schedule. It's just not now. Since she spent so many years in an orphanage, she really never learned how to play. She now plays! That is hear her role-play, playing house, playing the mom, feeding and dressing her nearly 10 years old, it seems like she is much, much younger, but that's OK. She needs to go back a bit and find some joy in some things she missed along the way. Right now, Selah and Gracie are watching Veggie Tales, playing with the doll house as she acts out the roles--it's good to see, good to hear.

Gracie's summer was mostly great. She continues to battle some pretty intense leg and foot pain. We really do not have answers yet, but hopefully someone will figure out something. She has to endure so much that any suffering just seems over-the-top for her. Heart disease is rather pain-free, so this has thrown us for a loop. There are times she will cry for 6 hours in excruciating pain--we cannot find relief when this happens. Most days are good. She may have pain, but can deal with it...but those other days are awful. Gracie also had an episode a week ago that has left us a bit puzzled and afraid. She is fine now, no effects at all, but at the time it appeared to be a stroke. The CAT scan came back normal, but she will seeing a neurologist in two weeks.

We did manage a pretty amazing ROAD TRIP this summer. We spent one night on Michigan Avenue in Chicago shopping with our five kids...and it was fun! Really fun! So fun noone wanted to leave (when I say shopping, I mean we walked right past all of my favorite stores with drool running down my face and went into stores like Puma, Nike, Disney, Penguin, Banana Republic, no Crabtree and Evelyn). We left Chicago much, much later than planned and drove through the night to Niagara Falls. I was so insistant on getting this amazing suite overlooking the fireworks on Niagara Falls, spending way too much money and we checked into our hotel at 5:30 am, missing everything!! Niagara Falls didn't disappoint this tired mama though--it was fantastic!! We enjoyed that day so very much. We then drove to Mentor, Ohio where Curtis and the three older kids went fishing on Lake Erie and brought home 23 giant walleye--delicious souvenier, that's for sure! After fishing, we spent four days at Cedar Point riding all of the record setting roller coasters and went home! Sweet time, sweet memories!

Now it's back to school, back to work for me, off to college--we have someone in every school this year--college, high school, middle school, elementary, and one at home--kind of fun, huh? As we say good-bye to summer, 2010, we smile! It was a good one!


Jean said...

Sounds like a wonderful summer Gayle!! What great memories you all have!

Good to see a post from you!! been thinking about you!


Cindy said...

Gayle - back to work? Being a stay-at-home mom, yes?

Holly said...

I still check in from now and then to see if anything's new. : ) Glad to see you had a great summer! Especially the good progress with Selah.