Saturday, February 5, 2011

much better

Gracie is doing SO MUCH BETTER!! Thanks for praying for her! I did use some bribery to get her to eat yesterday--she was so afraid of putting anything in her mouth and just wouldn't open it! I told her we will go and pick out a toy if she just tried something. I walked into the kitchen with her on the floor with the turkey, cheese, and bread spread out so she could put together a sandwich...yeah, ON THE FLOOR! Anyways, she tried and finished it--she was so hungry! We then went out and purchased a fabulous new carseat for her babies and gorilla she has named Gracie. She then wanted to show her daddy that she could eat, so we met him for lunch and she ate, and ate, and ate.

By last night's basketball game, which was awesome by the way, she was showing everyone her new sparkly, princess smile--precious. Even people who really wouldn't care--they were included in the open mouth view right in their faces.

All this to say--Gracie is back, she's confident, happy, feeling good, and ready to take on the world!


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Holly said...

Oh goodness...I missed the last couple of posts all about the teeth and things. I am so glad it all went well! Gracie reminds me so much of Sarah with how she handles procedures and things. She always tells the nurses exactly where she wants her froggy hugs (blood pressure), and which finger she wants the light on, and all of that. It's so funny. :) Such troopers these little ones are! We will continue to pray for your sweetie. And it was nice seeing you pop up in my comments! Thanks for the sweet compliment!