Sunday, March 8, 2009

It's Official...I'm a blogger!

OK...I decided this is going to work! I so love journey to me...really love it. It's fun to check out other adoption stories, it's fun to have them all at one place, and it's so simple to use! In China, I had no problem updating the site when Selah joined our family...I'm so grateful to have our adoption stories all written out.

This will possibly be the most boring blog ever--I love to write, but I am a computer IDIOT!! Seriously. This is a huge leap for me...and a challenge.

On to life...things are good, really good. Gracie continues to feel very well and is staying quite pink! What a little muffin! Along with good health comes a super dose of naughtiness. Although frustrating at times, she is hilarious. We find ourselves, as a family of seven, captivated by her antics. Sometimes we are all found just sitting on the couch laughing at her moves--she loves to dance and loves to sing...when she knows she has our attention, she plays it up even more.

And Selah...she continues to figure out life in a family. Her acquisition of language has been phenomenal! She talks a mile a minute...with about 90% accuracy! At times, we are in "silent" stitches over her as well. It's pretty fun to listen to what she comes up with. Her life experiences are so incredibly different than ours--things we've watched since we were toddlers, she has had no exposure to EVER. In the orphanage, she never picked out what she was going to wear, she had no choices as to what food, if any, was available. She didn't go to the park, she didn't go to the grocery store, she has never been fishing or walked through the woods...nothing. She was never read to or realized an outside world, leaving her with a very small vocabulary, a very small world to think from. Concepts such as aging...she's completely clueless. She still doesn't believe she was ever a baby, nor that I was. Time is irrelevant.

Breuklyn has been back to riding...finally! We have had so much snow and ice this winter, she hasn't had the opportunity to ride for quite sometime. It has been fun to have her back in the saddle. Each day after school, our sweet, sweet bus driver drops her off at the barn (usually with a snack) and Breuklyn spends the next couple of hours cleaning and playing. We took one of the stalls, cleaned it up and put in a floor, and turned it into a toy room for the little girls. It works out pretty well.

Connor finished his basketball season yesterday...he had a great year. His knees have been bothering him quite a bit, but seem to be doing better since the school practices ended. He is supposed to rest them...that means no track! Bummer. In a few weeks, I'm sure we'll be finding him daily at the golf course!

And Derek runs. He runs and runs and runs. He is loving track and traded his golf clubs for running shoes this year. Derek LOVED cross country this year and has decided to go out for track this spring instead of golf. It shocked us...seriously. He decided he can golf forever. I think it has been a good choice...I can't believe how much he's been running and how much he really loves it.

Our family is heading to Florida for some much needed sunshine on Thursday. I'm not sure our tropical girl will want to come home! :) We are going to have a lazy week of just warming should be super fun.

I need to take more photos! I have none for the past couple of weeks...maybe I'll pull out the camera this afternoon! Until then...have a wonderful Sunday!


Chelley said...

Welcome to blog land!!!!

I have followed your Journey To Me for a while!!!

Nancy said...

So glad you have your own blog. I have followed you too, on JTM, for a very long time and have prayed for your family. Now I will never get anything done in the house as I read all my blogs before I start my day. Thanks for sharing.

Jody said...

I love your blog! Your family photo is beautiful! And are gorgeous, inside and out! Have a wonderful trip to Florida!

Holly said...

Yea! I'm so glad you are doing a blog! I don't think it will be boring at all. Life is just so interesting!

So happy to see your family is all doing well. : )

Holly Gilliam