Thursday, December 17, 2009

GRACIE IS 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blessed doesn't begin to describe what is going on in my heart today. Over and over again, I have replayed that winter morning driving that long, lonely road to St. Louis, not knowing what to expect. Would our child be alive when we get there? We knew Gracie was extremely critical, having been resuscitated several times the morning of her birth. We walked into CHAOS! This little 5 pound dumpling was covered in tubes, wires, stickers, HANDS...yet underneath it all we saw complete beauty--God's handiwork displayed in gorgeous slanted eyes and soft, feathery hair. 10 fingers, 10 toes, arms, legs, mouth, nose--from the outside all intact. Underneath that beautiful shell was what we would soon learn...a very unique inside. All of Gracie's organs were in the wrong place, her intestines were going in dangerous directions...and her heart. Her heart was only using two chambers and had inadequate arteries to her lungs..."quite involved." we heard. "Extremely high risk" "Go home today--don't put your family through this." "She will likely not leave this hospital". Little did they know, God had a very different plan for this child. If they could see her now!! If they could have watched her blow out her candles and sing happy birthday to herself along with her family, if they could only hear her giggle and watch people's smiles stretch across their faces when Gracie blows kisses.

My heart is so full, it's about going to burst!

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God's Grace said...

several times this week I sat down to read your blog only to be distracted by one thing or another. So wonderful that Grace has celebrated her 3rd birthday! And Selah celebrating hers too in the same wonderful month as mine (the 2nd :-) ! You're family is beautiful and I'm praying for the upcoming surgery...I've been praying about this since the beginning of 2009...or whenever you mentioned it last. I wrote it in my prayer journal and been praying ever since. And I can't wait until you post about that cruise! Love you...