Wednesday, December 30, 2009


We continue to celebrate this Christmas season, delighting in the greatest gift to all...the birth of Jesus Christ. As our lives fill up with busy schedules, parties, presents, food, and fun, we remember the reason we live with peace in our hearts and joy in our home--Jesus Christ--the Prince of Peace, the Son of God who became man dwelling among us in our sinful world so that we could become children of the Most High! I praise Him! It makes the ipods, the toys, the material presents under the tree pretty insignificant, doesn't it? The gift of a Savior, God with us...AMAZING LOVE!

Because of the weather we stayed home for Christmas. I think Breuklyn had the same jammies on for four days (showers in between, I promise!)! We've watched countless movies, put together giant puzzles, played the Wii and XBox until our fingers were considered "fit", rolled the dice for our board games, not needing to leave the house for anything! Well, Curtis and I did take off for a few hours on the 26th just for our sanity :) !!

We are so blessed this season with health! Gracie is feeling better than she ever has...she's running this place! Today, she is sporting her 4th of July attire with brown and pink plaid shorts--who's to say that doesn't work when its 20 degrees and snowing? Our house is warm! She's become SO SO SO independent...she knows what she wants to wear, what she wants to eat, where she wants to go, and who can go with her. My dear friend, Sara is her speech therapist and has aided Gracie greatly with her speech. She is now able to run a family of 7--as we've prayed for speech, to find us shushing her is quite ironic. A few minutes ago I called the Mayo Clinic to schedule her next surgery--it will likely be in March right after spring break--I'll keep you posted!

Our older kids are CRAZY about Christmas and will not let tradition die. We continue to run balls of yarn throughout our entire house for them to find their gifts--when we mention just placing them all under the tree, we are met with serious opposition! This year, Gracie was the first one up and she just ran right through the string, pulling things out of drawers and cupboards...chaos!

It's nearly noon and I still have some sleepers around here--what a rude awakening it will be in just five short days as the alarm rings at 7 am. It's eerily quiet around here--I better run!

I hope your Christmas was filled with joy, and your New Year is blessed abundantly!

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