Friday, April 10, 2009

a bit of the same

While Selah is back to school and doing well, Gracie's cough has only gotten worse. She was coughing LOTS last night and woke up yesterday in her bed full of puke. We are a bit concerned and will likely be taking her back to the doctor today unless, of course, she wakes up feeling great. Prior to her last surgery, Gracie had been throwing up a does seem to follow what her heart is doing. Bummer. We were hoping it was just a bug, but are pretty sure Selah's episode was more of a nervous thing.

Gracie is still giving lots of kisses (snot-filled), she's making us all smile with her cute little voice trying so hard to make words, she has went potty on the toilet quite a few times the past couple of days...she just amazes me over and over again. I really need to take a picture of her going potty to share that cuteness. She is the tiniest little thing ever on that great big throne...seriously, she could drown if she fell in. Her little face just lights up thinking she has accomplished great things...adorable. This is one of the areas that frustrated me most in parenting. I had this thing that I wanted my kids potty-trained at 2...failure as a mother if I didn't. Two of my kids were easy, but one was tough. That child would have accidents, would be frustrated, I would be frustrated...that child simply wasn't ready and I made a big ole deal about nothing!! I so wish I could have a do-over with my older three kids--I would not sweat the small stuff. With Gracie, I SERIOUSLY DON'T CARE IF SHE IS IN DIAPERS FOR A LONG, LONG TIME!!! It's all a matter of perspective...God has placed this being into my life to rip away some of the things that took me over before. I see it over and over again in how I learning to react to situations. Even though I have messed up over and over again, and am continuing to do so, my expectations and priorities have most definitely changed. I thank God for Gracie, I thank God for changing me, for forgiving me, for grace.

I better baby just woke up!

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Jean said...

Gracie is always in my prayers! She is such a cute little girl!! Hoping Selah is doing well! You have a beautiful family! Update if you can- want to make sure you are all okay.
Blessings from MN,