Thursday, April 30, 2009


"Why does God throw snowballs at us?" asked Selah last Friday night. She had just witnessed her first ever golfball sized hail dropping from the sky. This child moved to Iowa...the land of crazy from the sky on a warm day? What in the world is that all about? We explained to her that it was hail and sometimes that comes during a storm, even in the summer when it is hot. She was completely confused and asked then, "Did God throw the snowballs down on us?" "Why does He do that?" Good questions, Selah! Anyways it got me thinking...actually I'm still thinking on this one. We talked of the Old Testament story of God throwing hail on the bad guys, yet not on His children, even though they were in battle together. God can throw snowballs whenever He wants on whoever He wants. I asked Selah, "Did you get hit by a snowball?" She said "no, that would hurt." We talked of how God protects us, He loves us, and wants good things for us. In my own mind, I started thinking of Gracie--why the snowballs on her? I don't have any answers for that one...He loves her...I know that, yet she has to endure so much pain and is such an innocent little being, as are the sick children all over the world. And Selah...could she be wondering why the snowballs seemingly were thrown on her for seven years?

I'm starting learn, it's all a picture of redemption...we live in a fallen world with lots and lots of junk, yet God, in His greatness, His kindness, gives us heaven--this perfect, wonderful paradise with likely no snowballs (at least the ice kind anyways)!

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