Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I just returned home from the doctor with Gracie and picked up Selah on the way home. She threw up in school today--sort of reinforces the fact that Gracie's vomiting is a bug. Gracie's tummy feels better momentarily...that is, until the Augmentin kicks in. She is now coughing and sometimes struggling to get her breath. The doctor said her lungs sound pretty good (PTL!), but he felt she should be on a stronger antibiotic so the goop doesn't go south. Those are my words, not our intelligent doctor's words--don't worry! Of course, while seeing him, she didn't cough once and actually looked pretty pink. That was until we hit the road! She had a major coughing fit and actually turned quite blue on the way home--life with Gracie is never dull...rather quite colorful! (I'm a bit tired and think everything is really funny right now)

Right now, two little princesses are sleeping and I'm off to plan a lesson for youth group tonight!



Terry said...

that is great...well, sorry about the virus but good that it's just a bug!

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Praying for Gracie and her sister,

Holly said...

I just read your last few entries...I can feel how you must be feeling. It's so tough to be a mom sometimes, isn't it? And that little bit of guilty feeling to be happy for the cuddle times when they are sick. I am praying for you. Hope both your sick sweeties feel better soon!