Tuesday, April 7, 2009

much better!

Gracie woke up this morning shouting "mama" at the top of her lungs. She feels much better, is drinking some Fuze right now, helping me type. Thank you for praying. We are pretty certain she has a virus...it just gets really ugly with her. It's tough, in parenting a child who has a health issue such as Gracie, to know when to move forward, to know when to let things ride out themselves. If our other children had been throwing up, clingy, and miserable, we would have just assumed they had a bug, with Gracie, who is so blue...it's just scary. It's all scary.

I am going to call her cardiologist in a few minutes, just to let him know of her color changes. I'll keep you posted!!

Thank you for your prayers, for your love!! We are blessed!


Terry said...

Gayle, I am praying for Gracie and you and all of you. God knows...and hears your heart, your prayers. praying with you sister...

Lisa said...

I just jumped over for Forever a Family when terry said you needed prayers for Gracie. I'll be praying in West Tx. It seems God is already at work...Yeah!!!