Thursday, May 28, 2009

Off to the Big Apple!

My big hunk-of-a-man surprised me with a weekend in New York for my fun is that! Not only did he bless me, but our friends are keeping all five of our that's a gift! I am super excited to have three days of just grown-up stuff. We are going to 2 shows, eating lots of great food, and just being together as a couple. We both noticed these past few weeks at graduation parties that we have learned, once again, to chow fast. Life with a 2 year-old changes everything! I can't wait for a marathon 3 hour dinner with conversation, and not having to cut anyone's food into small bites. We can sleep until we wake up, not "throw in a load", walk slowly, even shop at a store other than Gymboree...sounds dreamy, doesn't it?

I need to get a packin'!

Have a fantastic weekend--we will!




Cindy said...

Have a great time! Sounds like fun.

Terry said...

Once again I am sooooo jealous! It was Brad's birthday yesterday, and Evan's on Monday! so I guess it's a good time for bdays :-) have fun!

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Have a blessed, blessed weekend! You deserve it.

Stirm Family said...

Have a wonderful weekend!

sierrasmom said...

Havea great trip. I will be thinking of you having a grand time and only 2 hours away from where I live!!!
Kathie in NY