Monday, May 4, 2009

fabulous weekend

We had an incredible time with my mom and her new husband this past weekend. They really did grandparent duty and witnessed a fabulous track meet, an energetic soccer double header, and some pretty exciting baseball in fantastic weather. All of our kids are involved in different sports right now, which is pretty sweet. Ron even braved the horses and went riding with Breuklyn on Saturday afternoon right before the Kentucky Derby was aired.

Gracie had the best couple of days of her past month--she had quite the appetite, mostly for junk food, but hey, it's calories and she needs those! She also had a lot of energy and is completely smitten with Ron and Grandma...actually she wouldn't leave Ron alone! She was snuggling with him and even allowed me to bring the girls to Sunday School without her...if you know Gracie personally, she doesn't stay with anyone very well--it's quite a compliment, Ron!

Today we venture north for a day filled with appointments, getting ready to send Gracie back to the cath lab to place some stents in her pulmonary artery tomorrow. I'm actually pretty excited to see pink lips again...hopefully this will do the trick. I believe we will need to be in Rochester tomorrow morning at 6am. It usually takes quite some time to do this procedure because it's tough to get access to her vascular system. I will have my laptop with me and will update this blog as I hear anything.

Thank you for your prayers for our sweet little girl!



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