Tuesday, May 5, 2009

in the cath lab

Giggly little Gracie is now in the hands of the A TEAM, as they called themselves this morning! She will be just fine. They gave her some medicine this morning that completely gave her the giggles...she was belly laughing at everything, including this cute little drawing of a farmer that she kept calling "daddy". I took a pic with my phone, but can't get it on here...it really resembles Curtis, with the missing teeth, the big yellow cowboy hat, the round belly with overalls, but especially the sideways boots--can you just picture it??

The procedure may take most of the morning, even into the afternoon depending on what they need to do. They may place stents, they may not, they may insert a balloon, may not. We shall see! As much as these little hospital stays are dreaded, once we get in here, we have so many friends, so many people who really have invested much time and energy, even prayer, into our daughter's life. We are so blessed to be in this facility, with the team who cares for her who has her very best interest at heart.

It takes a little surgery to get me some time alone, so I'm going to go and grab myself a cup of joe and a book and take advantage of these next few hours!

I'll update when Gracie is back in the room...have a wonderful day!


Anita said...

Gayle - We've already been praying for Gracie this morning and will do so throughout today! Sure wish I could sit with you for that cup of joe and some fun momma talk! :) Love ya!!

Greta Grond said...

Gayle & Gracie -- thinking about you on your last day of being in your 30s . . . . hope the procedure is going as well as last time! Keep us posted -- Love you.

Teresa Jensen said...

Hey Gayle - praying for you and Gracie, may Gracie find healing and Gayle have the joy of bringing her home to her family in CC. Love and blessings to you both

Greta Grond said...

I've checked on here dozens of times -- anxious for some news about Gracie!