Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July fun!

Freedom was written across Gracie and Selah's shirts on Saturday. I think I have taken this word for granted while celebrating in past years. One year ago, our sweet Selah was not living in freedom--she was bound tightly in an orphanage, in a country where the freedoms we casually dismiss don't exist. The likelyhood of Selah hearing about the love of Christ in her old life is quite small. To see her free smile, knowing that she knows she can choose the life she desires...it makes my heart jump for joy. Her life in the past year has changed so much...she has went from orphan to princess and is tasting freedom! How sweet is that!

Oh yeah--and Connor's team won the little league championships!

And Derek came in 2nd place in the firecracker run with no photo!

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