Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I'm in love!! Many, many children captured my heart over the past week. While in Mexico, we served at a special needs orphanage, called the Gabriel House. 38 children with varying special needs call this place home. What I was expecting was sadness, blank faces...instead we were greeted with huge smiles and left the same way. As I couldn't help compare this bright, loving orphanage to Selah's dark, cold one, it is evident the difference. This orphanage proclaims Christ as Lord...Selah's does not. Jesus is spoken freely, praying is a part of life at the Gabriel House. Many of these children are orphans, meaning they have no parents. Many of the children do have parents who come and love on them, but are unable to care for them. Mexico is quite different than the States...the government does not aid the families. Many families cannot afford medical care, afford taking the time off from work to care for a child. I cannot imagine the grief that goes along with dropping off a child because of circumstance. I'm convinced MOST children are loved deeply by their parents...they have just run out of options. The children at the Gabriel House have captured my heart and the hearts of our boys, that's for sure.

The boys, along with the men in our group built an addition to the Gabriel House that will eventually house the boys residing there. They did a phenomenal job--the building looks fantastic. It was fun to watch them serve, to pray over everything, to watch God fit everything together...amazing! My heart was also rejoicing when watching our young men and women love on these kids without hesitation. Pure love. It was difficult to leave. Instead of wanting the day of work to end, each young person would decide to stay longer, to work longer, to love longer. Showers could wait, dinner could wait, yet the relationships couldn't. Sweet stuff.

Since returning home, I have a shadow! It's about 30 inches tall and 22 pounds, with a loud, demanding voice. Right now, blogging is not on her mind, but playing and singing with Bob the Tomato and Mom. I better run!

I'll write more later about my meeting with my friend Linny from A Place Called Simplicity. Oh, my did we have fun! Continue to pray for her sweet Isaiah who is recovering nicely from his leg surgery.
Much love,


Jaime said...

aw gayle!! these are the first pictures ive seen!! thanks for putting them up!! everything is good here!! i miss everyone a ton!! thanks for your encouragemetn!! love you!!


ps, im jealous you got to see linny!! :)

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Oh, Gayle, I've been so busy, didn't even realize you were going to Mexico, but I'm so glad I stopped by your blog.

On our way home from our busy week in TN, MI, OH, and KY, waiting on a load of laundry at the hotel here in KY...(a poo incident)...I thought...let me just check in on one friend. I'm so glad I did. It helps me prepare for our trip in less than 2 weeks!!!!

I'm a little jealous that you got to meet Linny. ;) And, as busy as I've been I haven't checked on her lately either. Now, I know it's time to pray.

Love and blessings,