Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break

We had a fabulous week with our family! All seven of us spent the week at the Wisconsin Dells, sitting by the pool, enjoying the waterslides, just being together. Gracie felt better each and every day. Not only better, but braver!! By the end of the week, she was putting her whole head under water and going down the baby slides solo--super cute!

Half of our small town decided to spend spring break in the Dells, so Connor and Breuklyn were able to join up with some friends during the days. The weather was incredible!! We even sat outside and tanned a bit...that doesn't happen in this area much in March.

Derek turned 18 on Thursday, so we decided to spend a night in Minneapolis and shop on we did!! We opened and closed the mall, closed down IKEA--quite a day. By the end of the day, Gracie was sleeping, we were moving her from mall to car to Ikea to car...she didn't blink...she was exhausted!!

Then last night, a bunch of Derek's friends surprised him with a party...definitely a great spring break.

As for Selah, many of you have emailed me...thanks for the suggestions and the prayers. She has had a terrific month!! She is trying so hard to break some of the behaviors. One night, after a little episode, I walked into her room and she was sitting on her bed praying out loud, asking God to help her stop doing naughty things. She had tears rolling down her did I. I just know, with everything inside of me, that He is doing amazing things in her heart.

We are blessed!

I will try to update this blog on Wednesday night after Gracie's pre-op appointments. Thanks for praying for our family!

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mom2speak said...

ickeyNow I have tears, also. It must also be wrenching to be Selah and now know that there is a different way but not quite how to do it. She cares about doing different if praying on her own for it. God is good and Jesus is a healer. She will get there yet and you guys will make it along side her. She is a beautiful girl and her heart will heal.