Monday, March 8, 2010

Thanks, Accidental Advocate!!

My first award in like a million years--so exciting! Actually, with my completely lacking computer skills, I'm not even sure how this is done! Please check out my friend Lynn at She's an amazing mom who writes with passion and purpose!

I guess I get to pass it on to another blog and DRUMROLL PLEASE, the award is going to Jean at She's a mom to many kids--her biological children are mostly grown and she and her husband have brought home two girls from China, who are the ages of Selah and Gracie--we actually were fortunate enough to meet and become real people friends!! Their story doesn't end there--check it out for yourself--you will be blessed!


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Jean said...

Hey Gayle!! Thank you!! What a day brightener!! I'm not sure what to do either- my computer skills are pretty bad but I'll check out your friends blog and figure it out!!

Blessings to you!!